Guidewire vs Duck Creek vs Majesco: Which is the Best Insurtech Software?

Today, people use their smartphones, apps, auto-monitoring devices, and wearables to handle their insurance needs swiftly. This makes it possible for people to get insurance in just a few minutes, even for sudden travel plans. With customers expecting quick and efficient service, insurers like you need a strong system to meet their needs. And that’s exactly what Insurtech software helps you with.

But with a plethora of InsurTech software options available, navigating this digital landscape can feel overwhelming. Which solution promises the perfect blend of innovation, scalability, and affordability? Here are 3 frontrunners that stand out: Guidewire, DuckCreek, and Majesco. Each boasts impressive features and a track record of success, leaving insurers wondering: who will ultimately guide them to a brighter, more efficient future?

Let’s take a closer look at how each software can simplify your work life and assist you in navigating the changing demands of customers.

Guidewire insurance software

Let’s begin our best InsurTech software exploration with the industry veteran, Guidewire. Established in 2001, Guidewire has earned its place as a leading provider of insurance software solutions, trusted by the world’s largest and most established insurance companies. Their name evokes a sense of stability and reliability, and their product suite reflects that very essence.

Think of Guidewire as a comprehensive toolbox for insurance professionals. Their software tackles every aspect of the insurance lifecycle, from policy administration and billing to claims processing and underwriting. It’s a one-stop solution for automating manual tasks, streamlining processes.

Guidewire’s features are as diverse as the insurance landscape itself. Their core platform, InsuranceSuite, offers a robust set of modules for policy, claims, billing, and data management. For those seeking specialized solutions, they offer InsuranceNow, a cloud-based platform for easier deployment and faster time to value. And for the data analysts, Guidewire boasts an impressive analytics suite that provides deep insights into customer behavior, market trends, and risk profiles.

But Guidewire isn’t just about features; its focus on the user experience shines through. Their interface is intuitive and user-friendly, even for those non-tech insurance professionals. And with a global presence and a strong partner ecosystem, Guidewire offers reliable support and implementation services, ensuring a smooth transition Insurtech.

What makes it standout?

Guidewire insurance

1. Personalized Policy Fit:

  • Forget cookie-cutter policies. Guidewire doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, it empowers you to tailor polices the unique needs and risk profiles of your clients. Think of it like a custom-made suit for your insurance world.
  • Say goodbye to inflexibility. Need to make a change? No problem! Guidewire provides a range of add-ons and customizable options, allowing you to adjust your coverage and products as your work evolves. Leave the paperwork struggle behind. Guidewire streamlines policy administration with user-friendly online tools. Update your information, access documents, and make changes with a few clicks, anytime, anywhere. 
guidewire 4

2. Turning Claim Frustration into Relief:

  • Experience the frustration-free claim processing. Guidewire’s online portal allows you to file claims quickly and easily, upload documents, and track your claim status in real time. Meet your personal claims adjuster. Say goodbye to feeling like a lost number in the system.
  • Communication that works for you. No more playing phone tag or scamming with emails. Guidewire offers multiple communication channels, allowing you to reach your clients and receive updates through your preferred method. Whether it’s phone calls, text messages, or online chat, the choice is yours.

3. Building a Stronger Insurance Relationship:

  • Get the information you need, when you need it.  Guidewire allows you to send timely policy renewal reminders, helpful tips, and relevant offers, ensuring that your clients stay informed and make informed decisions.
  • Guidewire empowers you to collect feedback of your clients and use it to continuously improve your services and tailor them to the evolving needs. This ongoing dialogue ensures the insurance experience remains relevant and valuable.
  • Moreover, Guidewire fosters a deeper connection between you and your client. Share educational resources and personalized advice, that benefit your customers and build stronger relationships. 
guidewire policy administration system

4. But Guidewire goes beyond just features. It personalizes your experience through:

  • Guidewire analyzes customers data to understand risk profile and predict future needs. This allows you to offer relevant products and services at the right time, ensuring that customers have the coverage they need. 
  • Guidewire prioritizes intuitive design and user-friendly tools, making it easy for you to interact with your insurance and get things done quickly and efficiently.
  • Guidewire never stops learning and evolving. They constantly add new features and functionalities to ensure your insurance experience remains personalized, convenient, and valuable in a changing world.
duck creek technologies

Unlike the veteran Guidewire, Duck Creek embraces a cloud-based approach, offering a modern, agile solution for insurers seeking a more flexible and scalable alternative.

Think of Duck Creek as your on-demand insurance platform. It’s designed to be easily implemented and quickly adaptable to your specific business needs. You no longer need to invest in expensive hardware or manage complex infrastructure – Duck Creek takes care of that, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

But Duck Creek isn’t just about convenience; it’s also packed with powerful features that cater to the modern insurance landscape. From policy administration and claims processing to underwriting and data management, Duck Creek provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

What makes it so special?

duck creek 4

1. Single Point of Change:

Eliminate redundant maintenance with a centralized configuration that ripples changes across your entire platform. Imagine updating information once and seeing it reflected everywhere, saving you time and resources.

2. 360-Degree View of Customers:

Gain complete transparency into all your customer relationships with a natively-integrated suite that provides a holistic perspective. Every interaction, claim, and policy detail becomes readily available, fostering deeper understanding and stronger relationships.

3. Intersystem Balancing:

Rectify and balance all your records across your Duck Creek software and third-party integrations for data integrity. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and discrepancies, and hello to clean, reliable information you can trust.

duck creek policy administration system

4. Policy Agility:

Adapt to the ever-changing insurance landscape with Duck Creek Policy. Design and offer new products quickly and easily, whether it’s a cutting-edge cyber risk coverage or a personalized add-on for your customers.

5. Cloud-Based Efficiency:

Embrace the benefits of Duck Creek OnDemand. No longer need for on-premise infrastructures, let Duck Creek handle the maintenance and security, allowing you to focus on what you do best – again serving your customers. This frees up your resources and allows you to scale effortlessly with your business needs.

majesco insurance software

This software powerhouse isn’t just about automating processes; it’s about empowering insurers to operate with outstanding intelligence and efficiency. Think of Majesco as your roadmap to a smarter future, guiding you through digital transformation with solutions that turn “thinking” into “doing.”

Majesco’s latest innovation, Copilot, is a game-changer. This immersive, GenAI-powered solution isn’t just a fancy acronym; it’s a productivity booster, a decision-making enhancer, and a customer experience champion all rolled into one. Imagine a digital co-pilot assisting you at every step, helping you navigate the complexities of the insurance world with greater agility and insight.

But Copilot is just one piece of the puzzle. Majesco offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that tackles every aspect of the insurance lifecycle, from policy administration and claims processing to underwriting and data management. 

Here are some top features:

1. Document Management:

Get all your customers data and your insurance documents organized, accessible, and easily searchable. No more scrambling through piles of paper or chasing down missing information. Majesco’s document management solution brings order to the chaos, streamlining processes and saving you precious time.

2. Project Management:

Majesco’s project management tools help you plan, track, and execute your insurance projects with precision and efficiency. From assigning tasks and tracking deadlines to managing resources and communicating with stakeholders, Majesco empowers you to stay on top of your game and deliver projects on time and within budget.

3. Compliance Management:

Majesco’s compliance management solution ensures your insurance processes adhere to all relevant regulations, keeping you ahead of the curve and avoiding costly compliance headaches.

4. Requirements Management:

From policy changes to new product launches, managing requirements can be a complex affair. Majesco simplifies the process, providing intuitive tools for capturing, tracking, and prioritizing your requirements. This ensures everyone is on the same page and your projects are delivered with clarity and accuracy.

5. Cloud Platform:

Forget about expensive hardware and software updates. Majesco’s cloud platform takes care of everything, delivering ongoing updates, regulatory and bureau content, and keeping you ahead of the market with capital and resource optimization. It’s like having a dedicated IT team working around the clock to ensure your platform is always up-to-date and secure.

But Majesco doesn’t stop there. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like microservices, APIs, cloud computing, AI/ML, and generative AI to provide pre-configured content and best practices, access to new data sources, and an ecosystem of innovative capabilities. This two-speed approach allows you to achieve operational effectiveness and drive innovation simultaneously, ensuring you’re always prepared for what’s next in the rapidly evolving insurance landscape.

Guidewire vs Duck Creek vs Majeso


Duck Creek





Cloud-based and On-premise


Free Trial





Moderately user-friendly, with a modern and intuitive interface

Highly user-friendly, with an established and polished interface

Moderately user-friendly, with a focus on pre-configured content and automation


Extensive integrations with various third-party solutions, offering a high degree of flexibility

Extensive integrations with various third-party solutions, providing a robust ecosystem of tools

Moderate integrations, primarily focused on pre-defined and certified solutions


Highly flexible, allowing for customization and configuration to specific needs

Moderately flexible, with a focus on proven best practices and pre-configured workflows

Moderately flexible, with a focus on automation and efficiency through pre-built solutions


Highly scalable, capable of accommodating rapid growth and changing business needs

Highly scalable, with proven ability to support large and complex insurance organizations

Highly scalable, designed for cloud-based deployment and flexible resource allocation

Claims Management

Comprehensive suite of tools for claims administration, processing, and fraud detection

Comprehensive suite of tools for claims management, subrogation, and reinsurance

Comprehensive suite of tools for claims automation, optimization, and analytics

CRM Integration

Integrates seamlessly with various CRM solutions, enabling customer relationship management

Integrates seamlessly with various CRM solutions, providing a unified customer experience

Integrates seamlessly with various CRM solutions, facilitating data synchronization and communication


Agility, scalability, affordability, single point of change

Customization, user-friendliness, deep functionality

AI-powered solutions, pre-configured content, operational efficiency

Best for

Growth-oriented insurers seeking agility and cost-effectiveness

Mid-size to large insurers with complex workflows and a need for customization

Insurers prioritizing AI-powered solutions, operational efficiency, and pre-built content


Modern, flexible, and cost-effective

Polished, established, and user-friendly

Innovative, efficient, and AI-driven

Additional Features

360-Degree View of Customers, Policy Agility, OnDemand

Integrated Digital Services, Customer 360, OnDemand

Cloud Platform, Project Management, Compliance Management


Modern, startup-like, and dynamic

Polished, established, and reliable

Innovative, AI-focused, and efficient


  • Duck Creek: Embraces a fully cloud-based approach that offers convenient accessibility from anywhere with simplified maintenance and automatic updates. This model is ideal for growing businesses seeking cost-effectiveness and rapid deployment.
  • Guidewire: Provides both cloud-based and on-premise options, catering to diverse needs. The cloud version offers scalability and accessibility, while the on-premise option suits organizations with robust data security.
  • Majesco: The platform leverages a cloud-based approach, ensuring automatic updates, scalability, and flexible resource allocation. This approach aligns well with modern businesses seeking an efficient and readily available solution.

Free Trial:

Yes – All three platforms offer free trials, allowing you to experience their functionalities and interface first-hand before making any decision. This invaluable opportunity helps you assess the software’s suitability with your insurance business.


  • Duck Creek: Features a modern and intuitive interface, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise. Moreover, the platform strives for a user-friendly experience while maintaining flexibility for customization.
  • Guidewire: Like Duck Creek, this software also boasts a highly user-friendly interface, with a polished and established design. This prioritizes ease of use and intuitive navigation, making it ideal for users who value a smooth learning curve and streamlined workflows.
  • Majesco: Majeso takes a unique user-centric approach with a focus on pre-configured content and automation. This reduces the learning curve and simplifies operations, making it moderately user-friendly and suitable for users seeking a straightforward experience.


  • Duck Creek: Offers extensive integrations with various third-party solutions. It also provides high flexibility that allows you to connect the software with your existing tools and applications for a seamless ecosystem.
  • Guidewire: Provides a robust ecosystem of pre-built integrations with various third-party solutions. This ensures compatibility and facilitates seamless data exchange and collaboration with your preferred tools.
  • Majesco: Unlike other softwares, Majesco provide moderate integrations, primarily focusing on pre-defined and certified solutions. This approach prioritizes compatibility and reliability over extensive options, ensuring a secure and dependable environment.


  • Duck Creek: Offers high flexibility, allowing customization and configuration to match your specific business needs and processes. This empowers you to tailor the software to your unique workflows and requirements.
  • Guidewire: Provides moderate flexibility, with a focus on proven best practices and pre-configured workflows. This ensures efficient and standardized operations while allowing only some customization to accommodate individual needs.
  • Majesco: Likewise, Majesco offers moderate flexibility, primarily through automation and pre-built solutions. This streamlines operations and reduces customization efforts, making it ideal for businesses seeking a standardized approach.

Wrapping Up:

Consider factors like your budget, size, desired features, and future growth plans. Analyze each software’s strengths and weaknesses, and don’t hesitate to seek advice from industry experts or conduct demos to make an informed decision.

We’ve explored the features, use cases, and interface of Duck Creek, Guidewire, and Majesco. Now, the question remains: who will be crowned the champion of your insurance software debate?

Ultimately, the answer lies within your specific needs and aspirations. Are you an agile startup seeking cloud-based flexibility? Duck Creek might be your hero. Do you crave user-friendly customization and robust functionality? Guidewire could be your guiding light. Perhaps AI-powered innovation and pre-configured content are your priorities? Then Majesco could be your perfect partner.

No matter your choice, remember that each software offers a unique path to success. Take your time, conduct your research, and choose the solution that resonates most with your vision for the future.

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