Applied Epic vs Vertafore - Which is the Best Agency Management Software?

Running an insurance agency is no walk in the park. Between juggling different policies, keeping track of endless paperwork, and ensuring seamless client service, things can get pretty hectic. Imagine mountains of files overflowing your desk, phone calls ringing off the hook, and deadlines looming like storm clouds. Sounds familiar?

This is the daily reality for countless insurance professionals. Managing an agency involves a complex dance of tasks, and keeping everything smooth often feels like an impossible feat. The pressure mounts, leaving less time for what truly matters: building strong client relationships and growing your business.

But fear not! There’s a secret weapon: Agency Management Software (AMS). 

Think of AMS as your magical assistant, streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and providing real-time data insights. No more drowning in paperwork – say goodbye to manual policy entry and hello to automatic renewals and quotes. Imagine clients accessing information and making payments through user-friendly portals, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: advising and supporting your clients.

But the battle for the best AMS isn’t simple. Hence, we’ve evaluated two standout players that can transform your agency. Applied Epic vs Vertafore: Which is the best agency management software?

applied epic agency management system

For today’s insurance agency, success is hindered by a complex maze of evolving regulations, demanding clients, and competitive pressures. Applied Epic doesn’t just offer a map; it becomes your compass, guiding you through the twists and turns of the ever-evolving industry.

Think of Applied Epic as your agency’s digital architect, constructing a streamlined workspace optimized for efficiency. Gone are the days of paper-laden desks and scattered records. Applied Epic centralizes everything – policies, clients, workflows – into a single, secure hub, accessible from anywhere, anytime. Imagine quotes generated in seconds, not hours, renewals handled automatically, and claims processing expedited with ease.

But Applied Epic is more than a productivity powerhouse. It’s a data-driven oracle, whispering insights into your business. Imagine visualizing key performance indicators in real-time, uncovering hidden trends in client behavior, and identifying growth opportunities you never knew existed. 

Beyond efficiency and intelligence, Applied Epic fosters client relationships like no other. Picture portals that grant clients 24/7 access to policies and claims, personalized communication tools that strengthen engagement, and automated feedback mechanisms that keep you in tune with their needs. In a world of impersonal digital transactions, Applied Epic injects a human touch, turning clients into long-term partners.

vertafore agency management system

Imagine a software suite that seamlessly manages every step of the insurance lifecycle, from quoting policies to processing claims. That’s Vertafore in a nutshell – a comprehensive package tailored to the specific needs of agencies, MGAs, and carriers. Its flagship product, AMS360, is a cloud-based agency management system (AMS) that acts as the brain behind efficient workflows, centralized data, and happy clients.

But Vertafore doesn’t stop there. It boasts a diverse selection of solutions, from MGA systems for specialized management to carrier download tools for effortless communication. The true magic lies in its open platform, seamlessly integrating with other software and creating a connected ecosystem for a truly holistic insurance experience. And if flexibility is your mantra, Vertafore delivers.

Whether you’re a boutique agency or a growing giant, its cloud-based solutions adapt and scale to match your ambitions. So, if you’re seeking a software partner that empowers your agency, elevates customer service, and fuels growth, Vertafore might just be the key you’ve been searching for.

In-depth Comparative analysis


Applied Epic



Strong focus on automating routine tasks like quotes, renewals, and claims

Broad automation capabilities, including integrations with third-party systems

Data Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics with customizable dashboards

Robust analytics with advanced visualization tools and predictive modeling


Highly configurable to adapt to specific workflows and processes

Offers flexibility to tailor workflows and integrate with preferred tools

User Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly interface suitable for non-technical users

Streamlined and modern interface with customizable navigation

Client Engagement

Client portals and personalized communication tools

Comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) features and marketing automation


Industry-leading security measures and compliance certifications

Strong security protocols and data encryption


Integrates with popular insurance carriers and systems

Offers extensive integrations with carriers, third-party platforms, and other agencies


Less flexible pricing options compared to Vertafore

Offers subscription-based and tiered pricing models for greater flexibility


Applied Epic: Think of it as the “ready-to-go” automation chef. It comes pre-equipped with recipes for essential tasks like quotes, renewals, and claims, requiring minimal setup for immediate efficiency gains. Ideal for agencies wanting a quick and easy automation boost.

Vertafore: While offering built-in automation for core tasks, Vertafore’s real strength lies in custom scripting and API integrations. This allows agencies with complex workflows to tailor automation precisely to their unique needs.

– Data Analytics:

Applied Epic: Provides comprehensive reports and dashboards, offering clear insights into agency performance. Ideal for agencies seeking digestible data summaries and basic trend analysis.

Vertafore: Think of it as the data visualization virtuoso. Its robust analytics not only paint a clear picture of your current standing but also predict future trends with advanced modeling tools. Agencies seeking deep data insights and proactive decision-making tools will benefit from this.

– Customization:

Applied Epic: Picture a user-friendly customizable drag-and-drop workflow builder. Agencies can easily adapt pre-defined workflows to their specific needs without extensive technical expertise. Perfect for non-tech-savvy agencies seeking control over their processes.

Vertafore: While offering pre-built workflows, it also grants access to APIs and scripting tools for agencies with dedicated IT teams. This allows for granular customization and integration with external systems.

– User Interface:

Applied Epic: Picture a clean and intuitive workspace. Its user interface is easy to navigate and learn, even for insurance newcomers. This makes it ideal for agencies prioritizing user adoption and minimizing training time.

Vertafore: While user-friendly, it offers more options for individual customization of layout and navigation. This appeals to agencies with tech-savvy users who prefer tailored experiences.

– Client Engagement:

Applied Epic: The software provides a basic communication suite. It offers client portals for policy access and basic communication tools for agent-client interactions. This fulfills core client engagement needs for most agencies.

Vertafore: On the other hand, Vertafore provides a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) powerhouse. It boasts advanced features like personalized marketing campaigns, targeted outreach, and detailed client histories. Perfect for agencies prioritizing relationship building and driving client retention.

– Integrations:

Applied Epic: Focuses on seamless integration with core insurance systems, ensuring smooth data flow within the agency’s core operations. Ideal for agencies seeking a closed-loop experience within the insurance ecosystem.

Vertafore: Extends its reach beyond insurance, offering integrations with third-party platforms for marketing, compliance, and productivity tools. This caters to agencies seeking broad connectivity and leveraging external systems for added functionality.

– Pricing:

Applied Epic: Offers a predictable upfront cost, making it easier for agencies to budget. However, limited pricing options might not cater to diverse agency sizes and needs.

Vertafore: Provides multiple pricing models, including subscription-based options, allowing agencies to scale their investment with their growth. This offers greater flexibility for adapting to changing needs.

Final Words:

Choosing between Applied Epic and Vertafore can seem daunting, but it boils down to your agency’s unique needs. Applied Epic shines with its “out-of-the-box” automation and user-friendly tools, ideal for a quick efficiency boost. Vertafore, the versatile architect, excels in complex workflows, advanced data insights, and extensive integrations, perfect for agencies craving granular control and deep client engagement.

Ultimately, the key ingredient is choosing the platform that sparks your agency’s growth and empowers your team. So, weigh your priorities, take demo sessions, and let your vision guide you to the AMS that will streamline your agency management system.

Remember, the future is bright, and with the right platform, your agency can strive for high performance.

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